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Adhesive Label Manufacturer in Turkey

Adhesive labels are expressed as products that ensure that the needs of businesses and individuals are met in the highest quality and professional way. We can say that most people prefer adhesive label types to meet the needs in the most perfect and professional way. You can also benefit from the best quality adhesive labels, which are among the products offered by our company in the highest quality.

The usage areas of the labels are among the subjects that people who want to have these services are most curious about. Printed roll labels, which provide the realization of labeling, packaging and branding concepts and activities in general, can be associated with graphic design studies.

Adhesive Label Features

We mentioned that adhesive labels have many features. In this context, it is possible to list these features in general as follows.

Adhesive roll labels have different usage areas as well as their features. These usage areas are generally as follows.
With customizable sizes, shapes and materials, roll labels are still the same high quality. These labels are printed using a special printer that wraps around a standard cardboard core.
The usage areas of adhesive roll labels are basically product labels. It describes the brand’s name, usage, product information and all its ingredients. If you transfer this information to your customers, the development of the brand becomes possible.
The labels on the drinks in various businesses are adhesive labels. It is possible to state that the products produced and offered for sale in a way that is resistant to all kinds of beverages, water and oil have an important place on the beverages.

adhesive label manufacturer
Professional Adhesive Label

If you want to have the best quality and reliable labels and have a perfect experience, you are at the right address. You can contact us to have the labels that our company has prepared for you in a reliable and high quality way. The only thing you need to do is to get more detailed information about the products sold in a professional and high quality manner and to create an order. By making the best use of the services offered by our company, you can benefit from adhesive roll labels perfectly. The usage areas of adhesive roll labels are among the subjects that people who want to have these services are most curious about.

Our Contact Informations

As Modi Etiket, we promise to provide you with quality products and services in line with your needs and demands. For detailed information about our products and solutions, you can send an e-mail to, call our phone number +90 212 639 90 10 or contact us on our contact page.


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