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Adhesive Label Producer; Modi Etiket

How about meeting your needs in the best way with the adhesive label? It’s time to meet useful, high quality and visually perfect tags! As Modi Label, we allow you to make a great choice with alternatives that will best meet your expectations.

Labels are considered as products of very special importance in terms of usage areas. This requires keeping meticulousness in the foreground when purchasing labels. Because for many brands and institutions, the label is an issue that will reflect the corporate image. If you also care about the label and do not want to compromise on its quality, you can choose Modi Label products. Start meeting your expectations with the options that will best meet your needs!

Features of Adhesive Labels

When you want to order labels, you first need to decide which label type you want to buy. If you are going to use your preference for adhesive labels, the features of the label you will have are as follows.

  • The back part has adhesive properties with the help of glue,
  • It has different options, either plastic or paper-based,
  • Thanks to the glue used on the back, it sticks to the surface it is placed on,
  • In order to use labels attached to a surface called pergamin, it is necessary to separate it from pergamin,
  • There are coated, thermal, opaque, transparent and silvermat adhesive labels,
  • Depending on the type of glue used, it will be difficult or easy to remove the adhesive labels,
  • Ribbon printing is preferred depending on the difference in the material used on the top of the adhesive labels.

How about capturing perfection with adhesive labels that provide very special options depending on their usage characteristics?

Adhesive Label ProducerAdhesive Label Producer

How Are Prices Determined for Adhesive Label Products?

Do you know what to consider when shopping for labels? The most important issue in this regard is usually prices. So, what determines prices on adhesive labels? We list all the details for you!

The most important factor that determines the prices in adhesive labels is the type of label used. As the quality increases, the prices also change upwards. On the other hand, the quality of the glue determines the degree of stickiness and naturally the price. Another criterion is dimensions. You can buy the most ideal options by contacting Modi Label. Moreover, you should not forget that the fees you will pay will vary as the number of orders increases.

Our Contact Information

As Modi Etiket, we promise to provide you with quality products and services in line with your needs and demands. For detailed information about our products and solutions, you can send an e-mail to, call our phone number +90 212 639 90 10 or contact us on our contact page.


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